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About Dr. Marlene:

I was introduced to chiropractic during my studies at Virginia Tech while pursuing a BS in Human Nutrition and Foods. My belief at the time was that healing would come from nature through the chemistry of nutrition. I loved the biochemistry of nutrition, studying biochemical pathways, and understanding how the molecules changed step-by-step because of a vitamin or mineral's influence on those steps. But as I was enlightened by chiropractic's power in organizing the nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself, I saw both avenues as important in the natural healing of the body. This laid the foundation of my belief and essentially led me to participating in the healing arts today and incorporating the two together.

With over 300 hours of Applied Kinesiology training I have found this work combines well with other continued education, especially in the specifics of shoulder evaluation as it helps me to zoom in on the details of my patients' ailments.

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